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Product Introduction

Product Introduction

Eagle Eye

Comprehensive three-dimensional reconstruction (international first);

No need for focusing, panoramic deep shooting;

Ultra high definition puzzle: 1 billion pixel level, up to 10 billion level;

Multi point (thousands of points) shooting and automatic tracking;

Remote shooting pose control and automatic shooting settings;

High precision thermal imaging and pixel level alignment of visible light images;

Collaborate with remote sensing images to establish high-precision stereo images;

Easy to add other multimodal sensors such as multispectral instruments;

The biological eagle eye has many characteristics, such as being able to help eagles see prey such as rabbits on the ground at a height of kilometers. At the same time, when eagles fly quickly at low altitudes to capture prey, they also have good stereoscopic vision ability to help accurately locate the position of prey. The bionic eagle eye hopes to absorb the many advantages of the biological eagle eye to help robots achieve a wide visual range.

The bionic eagle eye is based on the mature movable bionic eye system, which is equipped with multiple sets of vision systems to achieve clear observation of multi-dimensional targets from wide to narrow, from far to near. It mainly includes a telephoto camera for observing distant targets, a mid to far telephoto camera for observing medium to far-distance target objects, and a wide-angle camera for observing close-range targets. The equipped far-infrared thermal imager can obtain object temperature data, greatly improving the efficiency of animals. At the same time, thermal imaging supports 18 pseudo color modes, which can be fused with RGB image pixel level. Combined with built-in and external computing platforms, it can also achieve various intelligent analysis functions such as detection, recognition, and regional intrusion detection. In addition, the two-axis or live monitoring tasks high-precision pan-tilt system, combined with the biomimetic eye-derived eye movement calibration technology, can also achieve functions such as ultra-long distance precise positioning and ranging.

Development and Support

The Eagle Eye SDK software provides various interactive interfaces, including device control, module parameter adjustment (camera parameters, motor parameters, etc.), status data acquisition and setting, image data acquisition, etc;

The SDK supports the acquisition of real-time images and videos from various visual sensors, allowing for real-time viewing of device images, videos, and other data information;

The SDK supports obtaining detection results of designated targets such as people, cars, and ships within the field of view, and can set related functions such as gaze, tracking, and positioning;

The SDK provides corresponding interfaces to obtain specified target positioning coordinates, scene 3D reconstruction, and other results (at least two eagle eyes are required, and deployment and initialization preparations are completed. Some results require external computing power support);

SDK supports Linux platform, ROS, C/C , Python language development

Product Information

Product Information

Single Eagle Eye Size23cm*23cm*36.8cm
power dissipation30w (average power consumption), 100w (peak power consumption)
Single Eagle Eye Rotation Range (Two Axis)-25 °~+90 ° (Pitch), 360 ° continuous rotation (Yaw)
Maximum movement speed360°/s
Corner resolution0.0056°
Visible light camera resolution2560*1440,1920*1080,1920*1080
Infrared thermal imager640*512
Number of pixels observed in high-definition images> 1 billion
Observation distance0.5m~2km
Observation rangeNo dead angle observation outside the 1m range
Full range high-definition observation cycle1 hour
Distance measurement accuracy error0.5%
Visual observation frequency25Hz
Infrared observation frequency25Hz
Multi sensor synchronization error<50us
Increasing stabilityEquipped with self stabilizing ability,
it can maintain image stability when the device is in a certain frequency vibration situation
interfacePower port (DC, 24V, 5A), network port (for external data exchange and remote control, etc.),
custom interface (for interconnection and interaction of multiple eagle eye devices)

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