• CORE

    Our company's employment philosophy is to make the best use of talents and make the most of them. "Attracting and developing talents" is our consistent policy and the core of our talent strategy.


    By optimizing combinations and other methods, we can mobilize employees' enthusiasm, carry out reasonable internal competition within the enterprise, stimulate employees' potential, maximize personal abilities, enhance employees' dedication and professionalism, enhance enterprise cohesion, and promote the continuous development of the enterprise.


    The incentive mechanism is a human resource management system that focuses on motivating and constraining, stimulating employee potential, and dynamic competition. It starts from four aspects: personnel selection, employment, education, and retention, and establishes incentive, constraint, and competition mechanisms through various pieces of training.


    The company adheres to the principle of being "people-oriented" and has placed talent work at the forefront since its establishment, striving to provide talents with good opportunities for self-development and career development. Encourage talents to realize their value in competition and make the greatest contribution to the enterprise.